30 July 2008

Collapse at WTO gravely undermines Africa: minister

GENEVA (AFP) - The breakdown of talks on a world trade pact has "gravely undermined" efforts by African countries to fight poverty, Kenya's trade minister warned on Wednesday.
"Africa's opportunity to achieve fair trade has... been gravely undermined by the lack of progress in these negotiations," the minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, told a news conference, speaking on behalf of a grouping of African countries at the World Trade Organization talks here.

"Africa critically needs to realise development and get itself out of poverty through the establishment of fair trade rather than aid," he said.

"Most of the key issues of interest to the African continent were not even discussed, especially the issue of cotton."

WTO Director-General announced on Tuesday that the latest negotiations for a much-delayed trade liberalisation deal under the so-called Doha Round had broken down after nine days due to unresolved differences.

Delegates said the deaddlock centred on a row between the United States and India over special tariff measures to protect poor farmers from surging imports or price falls.

29 July 2008

Obama – The 30 Minutes Berlin Speech

After watching this video over and over again, I decided to make it a post. It takes 30minutes to go through, but its worth the time.
In front of a 200,000 man crowd (according to German Police), Obama delivered what many considered his most powerful speech- I remember the Race-Address was then considered the most powerful. Maybe it is time we get used to such inspiring addresses from the man Obama.

Many have made statements pro and contro on this speech, have you really gone through it, its time you do so, for yourself only.

In one way or the other were and are still people of Berlin.

27 July 2008

Help Africa Friends – New Look with Ndomche Summary Theme

Hi friends, I've been out and around the world for a while now, and I almost forgot I had a blog and friends at MyblogLog. My last post was on February 25 – a way back.
For my come back I decided to get a face-lift for this blog, I asked my friend Martin from Kabatology to give me a hand. The result is right there in front of you. This is a Blogger version of the Ndomche Summary Theme – II Columns.

This template will soon be available for all Blogger bloggers at Kabatology ~ Open Source, Linux.
In the mean time permit me to say – I'm happy to be back.