14 November 2007

cameroonian born BIKA's eighth-round TKO nets him "contender" title

If you're still looking for a fight of the year, you probably don't have to look any further.

.In a grueling, non-stop action battle, Sakio Bika outlasted Jaidon Codrington, scoring a TKO at 2:18 of the eighth round to win the third-season finale of "The Contender" and the $750,000 grand prize o­n Tuesday night at TD Banknorth Garden."That was almost something out of a Rocky movie," said promoter Lou DiBella, who handles Codrington along with The Tournament of Contenders. "The kid [Codrington] is hanging his head now but he should be proud. They should both be proud. They proved everything you can prove. Both those guys proved their mettle. It was a Rocky movie. It was sick."While it seems doubtful that either man will emerge as a serious contender, their fight was unforgettable, providing the crowd of about 6,000 with all the action it could have asked for.The fight began in explosive fashion with a round of the year candidate. Both men were down, both men were hurt and both men were in deep trouble in the first round.Bika (25-3-2, 15 KOs) got it started, knocking Codrington sideways and then hitting him while he was down, a move that could have gotten him disqualified had referee Dick Flaherty noticed the blatant infraction.Moments later, Codrington, 23, of New York, responded with a left hook that dropped Bika, a 28-year-old from
Cameroon living in Australia.

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