29 January 2008


It's really incredible that we've sent out a hundred posts since i started this blog last summer.Actually i'm not a good writer but luckily i'm sensible to problems,especially what is happening to my sweet Africa and i can't just sit down and watch,without giving my own contributions in my own way.I know the journey is far too long but i also believe step by step,we'll one day achieve some good results from the seeds many out there are sowing.

Haven met a lot of people,friends and well wishers in this adventure,i used this opportunity to thank all of you good fellows who read me often and for the experience i've gathered also coming to know you through your blogs.
This day is important to me because initially it was a challenge as i never new exactly what blogging was all about.I'll consequently consider this experience as a beginning that will enable me gear towards other goals.
I wish on this day that all the conflicts devastating our beloved continent should come to an unconditional end,extending my cry to all leaders,the masses,politicians,chiefs,musicians,artists,footballers,civil servants,business and laymen,men and women;please stop the killing of Africans by Africans.We are doing harm just to ourselves and to no one else.The aid would only come after disaster has left a lot of wounds that aren't easy to heal in our hearts.
Think of the children,the old,the women and the future of your communities,violence will never be the solution,whatever be the reason.
Luckily watching the AFRICAN NATION'S CUP in Ghana,one has the possibility of seeing the actual colors of Africa full of folklore and happiness,despite the hardship.
I'm sure the pursuit for positve development will continue in Africa so long as there are many people of goodwill out there contributing everyday for this long acclaimed social change!


  1. Hi,
    Congrats on reaching 100. Let's keep loving our Africa.

  2. Congratulations FeFe!

    You have such a wonderful spirit that is present in this blog. I don't know how I found you but I am so glad that I did.

    You have provided me with very critical and useful information.

    Keep up the good work! :D


  3. Keep up your Great Work - reach out to the masses with your love of Africa.
    Congrat, my friend, on posting 100 wonderful posts.


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