19 December 2008

Africa's top 10 positive developments 2008

Nothing good ever comes out of Africa? Nonsense. In this top 10 we profile events and developments of 2008 which are significantly positive and meaningful. These 10 events bring hope. Join our discussion.
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Good things out of Africa in 2008 according to the AfricaNews editorial team

1. Peaceful elections in Ghana,
2. Continues growth of many African economies (Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, etc, etc),
3. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, president of war torn Liberia keeps her country stable,
4. Peaceful elections in Angola,
5. Cheap broadband internet seriously on its way (Seacom, Intelsat, O3B),
6. Haile Gebrselassie breaks word record marathon,
7. Mobile banking in Kenya,
8. University Mogadishu lauds its first 20 doctors in 20 years,
9. President Mutharika greatly improves food security Malawi,
10. Zimbabwe's Eric Moyo wins Idols Africa.

(11. Barack Obama elected president of the USA)

This is a first step. Now we want your imput: What did we miss? Do you disagree? Perhaps you know a better top 10? Let us know. Make yourself heard and join the discussion.

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