29 May 2009

Good news from Africa

While most of the news from Africa seems to center on nations torn apart by violence and mired in poverty, there's a lot of good news to be found as well.

"The Takeaway" talks with former U.S. Ambassador Charles Stith, who describes the current state of many of the countries in Africa: "The continent is on a real growth trajectory at this point. We track 16 countries on the continent, and they are all serious about democratization, they're serious about reforming their economies along free market lines; and though it's only 16 countries out of the 53 in the continent ... over all it's about two-thirds of the population of the continent ... so the good news is the vast majority of folks on the African continent wake up every morning in a country where they can participate and decide in who runs the country ... where the leadership is really trying to reform the economies in a way that they can maximize their opportunities and improve the quality of life for them and their families."

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