31 March 2010


"The ABWN is a leading businesswomen’s network accelerating economic growth for women to improve the quality of life in Africa."

The Africa Businesswomen's Network (ABWN) is a partnership between local businesswomen's organizations throughout Africa, Vital Voices Global Partnership and ExxonMobil Foundation. The goal of the ABWN is to build and support a network of businesswomen’s organizations in Africa in order to expand the number of women succeeding as entrepreneurs and leaders in the corporate world; to raise the profile and credibility of women in business; to foster global networking opportunities among businesswomen; and to advocate for policies that expand economic opportunity for women.
The programs and events of the Africa Businesswomen’s Network provide a forum for peer learning, information exchange, business development and access to education, resources and tools, all of which are supportive of expanding economic opportunities and building networks for businesswomen in the region. Members of the Network – Network Hubs -- are businesswomen’s organizations that are committed to contributing to economic growth and reform, to supporting the needs of women-led businesses and professional women and to having a significant social impact. Individual businesswomen take part in the Africa BWN through membership in the BWN's Network Hubs. Network Hubs are now being developed in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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