2 October 2010


Douala, Cameroon October 2nd (News.Cameroon-Today.com)  -  Qualcomm the wireless services major from San Diego California have announced its plans to foray into various pats of Africa including Cameroon. The top officials of the telecom provider indicated that they plan to operate in the 3 G segment in a massive way.

Qualcomm based out of San Diego has planned to expand its services all across West Africa In a press release late yesterday the wireless services provider indicated that it plans to open an office in Lagos, Nigeria which will be the basis from where it will operate in the Western African regions.

Maps of Cameroon
Cameroon Map - The Map of the republic of Cameroon, Africa
The top brass of Qualcomm Africa also stated that their office in Lagos would service their mobile and wireless operations that would essentially spread across Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon and would be the hub for all their western African operations. The latest hub is intended for QCOM Wireless Technologies Limited which is a fully owned subsidiary of Qualcomm.
Qualcomm stated that their research has indicated that the 3G technology which has just started entering into Africa is showing great promise and they plan to focus highly in the segment. They said that they plan to launch a whole bevy of activities to support growth and development of the 3G technology in the continent. The wireless biggie says that statistics reveal that more than three fourths of the rural population in countries like Cameroon and Nigeria cannot be connected by fixed line telecom networks and hence can be benefitted highly by a wireless technology.

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