18 April 2011

Nigeria: Govt Can Save N1 Trillion Using Renewable Energy - Expert

If Nigerians embrace the renewable energy solutions, they will save up to one trillion naira annually out of the total amount spent burning fuels for electricity generation.
It was estimated that Nigerians expended about three trillion naira last year alone burning fuels to generate power in the country.
The country's epileptic power supply which remains below 3500 mega-watts for years, has left the citizenry with no options than to generate their power through fuel-powered generators.
Mr Menon said while organising training for technicians on the use of uminous inverters in Abuja that inverters can save up to 30 percent of the fuel waste for individual or organisations that use generators for business or at home.
On solar energy, he explained that a well-fixed solar panel can last for at least 15 years providing uninterrupted power.
He urged Nigerians to look beyond short term benefits of fuel generators and concentrate on the long term benefits of the renewable energy, saying that, if a household spend N1,000 to buy fuel daily, he/she will spend N90,000 monthly on fuel.
Hamisu Muhammad
18 April 2011

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