27 May 2011


Mobile phone: An opportunity for low cost Banking in Africa.
Africa, home to over 800 million people is still grappling with significant unbanked populations even among the urban populations across cities, semi urban and rural communities.Regulators, innovators, technologist,financial services providers, international developmental organizations and governments are rallying around this significant dilemma of Banking the unbanked African.
New exciting technologies like the Mobile and cards are bridging the wide divide with innovative solutions like agency Banking, mobile financial services, community and micro finance Banking.
Unlike any other place on the Globe, mobile financial services is ushering a new dawn and hope to millions of unbanked people in Africa. Bringing convenience of banking anytime and anywhere using the mobile phones as a means of authentication for basic financial services. The mobile technologies is proving to be the solution to a century old challenge as a transformational channel for previously unbanked which are accessing services for the first time through the convenience and security of the mobile phone.
The ubiquitous mobile phone with the strong compelling needs of Africans, coupled with sheer ingenuity is changing lives and connecting Africans to the global e-commerce ecosystem which is more advanced with formal Banking services.
With the wide spread availability of the Mobile phones across regions in Africa, the unbanked African is only an sms away!
Plan to attend a one day summit which will proffer practical regulatory, technological, commercial solutions to the challenge of reaching the unbanked in Africa.
The summit will examine the following:
  • Reducing cost of reaching the unbanked though technology innovations.
  • Social benefits of banking unbanked populations.
  • Measuring impacts of regulation on the unbanked.
  • Building sustainable commercial propositions.
  • Evaluating cost effective channels, technologies and solutions to reach the unbanked.
  • Improving financial literacy to Africa’s unbanked.
  • KYC methodologies suitable for African market.
  • Examining the cross road between Micro Finance, agency Banking and mobile money.
  • Promoting a sustainable investment climate for financial inclusion.
  • Impact of credit in unleashing the potentials of unbanked.
  • Agency Banking as Cost effective channel to deliver commoditized financial services.
  • Delivering transformational Banking experiences for underserved communities.
  • Technological innovations promoting access to low income segments.

Speakers from across the world will deliberate and proffer solutions that will  radically change the present situation and position Africa’s unbanked population to benefit from the growing global economy.
Join solutions providers, technologist, international development experts, regulators, Micro finance experts, financial services providers, mobile money providers, Mobile network providers, agency Bankers and other leading subject matter experts to chart the way forward at the UNBANKED AFRICA SUMMIT – 2011.

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