1 July 2011

We podcast AICO Africa’s investment analyst presentation

We are proud to announce that we have podcasted the full investor analyst presentation of AICO Africa Limited. AICO Africa Limited is our 22nd listed company client and the 5th in the agricultural sector. To cater for slow internet links we have published a low resolution and a hi resolution version.

AICO is Zimbabwe’s leading diversified agro-industrial conglomerate (with a market capitalization of approximately US$96m) and owns dominant brands in the seed, cotton, FMCG industries in Zimbabwe and surrounding regions, and is the holding company of Seed Co Limited (market capitalization +/-US$252 million), Olivine Industries and the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe Limited.
AICO is the second company in Zimbabwe to professionally podcast their analyst presentation and is one of the few listed companies in Zimbabwe that is actively disseminating information on its long term investment story as its businesses emerge stronger from the hyper-inflation that ended in March 2009 when the Zimbabwe economy dollarised.
AICO’s new website and communications tools are designed to push information to investors and stakeholders as soon as it is released. AICO also actively solicits feedback of the recipient of their email alerts and the company has invited investors and stakeholders to register and communicate with AICO – you will be assured of a response.
You will also be interested to note that so far my survey on online investor relations practices in Africa reveals that 54% of respondents think that regulators should take the lead in using the internet to disseminate listed company information. Only 26% feel that listed companies should lead the way. AICO is a company that is leading the way –as their online investor relations practices are among the most progressive in sub-Saharan Africa and set a leading example for its peers.
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