18 January 2012

10 African business leaders and thinkers to follow on Twitter

A number of African executives are using micro-blogging platform Twitter to communicate their thoughts on business, politics and Africa’s development, as well as some more trivial subjects such as football.

1. Bob Collymore @bobcollymore

Position: CEO, Safaricom (Kenya)

Number of followers: 36,799

Interesting tweet: “@yegonstar: Hey @bobcollymore can i call you bobby for short???” How on earth can BOBBY be short for BOB??

2. Michael Jordaan @MichaelJordaan

Position: Chief Executive, First National Bank (South Africa)

Number of followers: 8,027

Interesting tweet: Rating agencies are paid to formalise the blindingly obvious, long after the markets have figured it out.

3. Trevor Ncube @TrevorNcube

Position: Chairman and Deputy Executive Chairman at Alpha Media Holdings (Zimbabwe) and M&G Media (South Africa)

Number of followers: 6,590

Interesting tweet: Am I the only one who thinks Sir Alex is enjoying gum more than football? #ManU #N’Castle

4. Chris Kirubi @CKirubi

Position: Africa’s 31st richest person (according to Forbes) with interests in a variety of industries (Kenya)

Number of followers: 21,693

Interesting tweet: A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship… What do you think? True or false?

5. Grant Pattison @GrantPattison

Position: CEO, Massmart (South Africa)

Number of followers: 775

Interesting tweet: Never Argue With A Fool – They Will Drag You Down To Their Level, Then Beat You With Experience!

6. Ashish J. Thakkar @AshishMaraGroup

Position: Founder and MD, Mara Group (Uganda)

Number of followers: 63

Interesting tweet: Being in #Dubai airport makes you think why we don’t have airports like this in #Africa. We need to adopt PPP’s and be more innovative.

7. Ory Okolloh @kenyanpundit

Position: Policy Manager, Google Africa (South Africa/Kenya)

Number of followers: 21,277

Interesting tweet: So if any reporter out there wants to do a non-overdone future of Africa story (hint don’t mention mpesa), youth bulge and farming is it.

8. Mteto Nyati @mteton

Position: MD, Microsoft South Africa (South Africa)

Number of followers: 329

Interesting tweet: Human beings try to control others but the human soul is hard wired to be free. Why do we waste time and effort ???

9. Mthuli Ncube @MthuliNcube

Position: Chief Economist and Vice President, African Development Bank (Tunisia)

Number of followers: 138

Interesting tweet: Africa’s ageing population is an opportunity for policy reforms and business opportunities in medical insurance and life assurance.

10. Linus Gitahi @LGtwits

Position: CEO, Nation Media Group (Kenya)

Number of followers: 2,566

Interesting tweet: It’s a paradox that the more disciplined I am, the more freedom I have…..similarly, the more I give, the more I seem to create wealth

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