27 March 2012

Charlotte Africa Business Week 2012:April 24-28, Charlotte, NC, USA

Written by: Editorial Staff on March 18, 2012.on March 21, 2012.

The Charlotte Africa Business Week (CABW) 2012 is the first ever initiative of this kind to connect Charlotte with business opportunities in Africa. CABW partners are the Global Business Roundtable (GBR); Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI), an umbrella chamber of commerce organization for chambers across Africa and based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Afribiz, a division of Conceptualee, Inc.; and University of North Carolina Charlotte’s (UNCC’s) Africana Studies Department. Ecobank is the anchor sponsor.

Charlotte’s competitive strengths in Banking, Finance, and Investment, Energy, Healthcare, Education, Technology, as well as the State of North Carolina’s additional strengths in these areas and agriculture, match many of the needs of the fast growing African continent with a population over 1 billion and annual GDP of over $1 trillion. In several countries in Africa, the middle class is growing faster and has greater purchasing power than the middle class in China or India. Also, seven of the fastest growing economies (Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo) in the world for the next five years are in Africa, according to The Economist. The Economist expects the Africa region to overtake the Asia region in growth within five years.

CABW 2012 will bring together not only the private sector in Charlotte and across Africa, but also those in the academic and social sectors. It will also create a basis for energizing the African diaspora in the area to work more collectively to create bridges between Africa and the United States.

The week’ schedule includes:

Tuesday, April 24 – A one-day workshop, “Going Global in Africa,” designed for local SMEs, entrepreneurs, faculty, and students about practical strategies and tactics for doing business in Africa will be held. The workshop is being hosted by the University of North Carolina Charlotte Africana Studies department.

Wednesday, April 25 –The Global Business Roundtable USA and Global Fund for Christ launch dinner is scheduled for this day.

Thursday, April 26 – Key industry and society meetings (closed to public) covering areas, such as banking/finance, energy, healthcare, and urban planning, will be held. The day will also include business-to-business meetings between Charlotte and African firms.

Friday, April 27 – The one-day conference, “Doing Business in Fast-Growing Africa: A Focus on Regional Markets and Economic Hubs,” will be held for the general public.

Saturday, April 28 – The one-day workshop, “Building Sustainable Prosperity in Africa,” for ministries, NGOs, and kingdom entrepreneurs to develop sustainable programs in Africa while embedding economic development into African communities they serve.

For further information, call Darlene Tolbert at 704.819.3333 or email at darlene.tolbert@conceptualee.com.

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