29 December 2013

From Urbana, Italy to Cameroon to construct a road

“The Italian company Edilitalia and partners have won a contract of € 6 million in Cameroon and is now concluding other contracts in Iraq

“The Italian company Edilitalia has won a contract of € 6 million, and are now concluding other contracts in Iraq

The construction sector in Italy is in crisis? It should then seize the opportunities offered by the global market. A Six million Euros subcontract of road works, relating to the tracking and preparation for the paving of 20 kilometers of an artery in the North West Region of Cameroon was awarded to ATI GREAT WORKS Sarl, Cameroon, a joint venture between Mr. NTUBE FELIX EWANE and the Italian Companies EDILITALIA of Roberto and Lorenzo Carpi, CLS CONTRACTORS of LUIGI and STEFANO CALVARESI and the Engineer of Montagnana, UMBERTO ZERBINATO.

The works began last November and will be completed in seven to eight months. The project site is located at Akum, on the outskirts of the city of Bamenda .The tarred road will enable the disenclaving of several villages and ease movement for the inhabitants of the villages therein and the region as a whole.
The Italian companies found in their Cameroonian partner, Felix Ewane Ntube, a very serious and respectable person who through his knowhow and contacts facilitated their access into the Cameroonian Market. Mr. Ntube who lives with his family in Ferrara, Italy, knows the skills of these companies and thus gave them the confidence to work together.

Support for the operation also came from the Italian Embassy in Yaounde, in particular from the first Counselor Nico Longo who was pleased to know that the contract would be signed with  the local contractor, Mr. Eric Njong of SOCIETE BUNS ,one of the biggest constructors in Cameroon with whom was established an immediate feeling .Mr. Longo who is a friend to Mr. Njong emphasized that even in business human relationships are fundamental and indispensable .

Edilitalia is actually rounding up some import contracts Iraq where it has signed two joint ventures with local companies. Edilitalia is also considering entering the market of Libya and Senegal, in particular for the construction of numerous residential buildings with prefabricated technology in partnership with Ma.Bo. Group of
Bibbiena, Italy.

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