28 September 2007

MANDELA returns to SOWETO ,open's huge MAPONYA Mall

I am not a south African but i grew up being one after the soweto student uprising in 1976."SOWETO 1976",i was still a small lad and i remember my father's narations about what was happening down south Africa,about heroic men and women who fought and resisted among all odds for freedom,justice and equality.The picture of this story and many more others has always accompanied my life.In secondary school though a science student ,i decided to study African history and the stories of these great people has contributed to my way of life and thinking today as a man.Africa will always be my prime and my pride.
Last year, Soweto marked the 30th anniversary of the 1976 uprising when students rebelled against the white apartheid state in a protest over the use of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in schools.
This post is a message of hope to all those who are suffering,to all who are in difficulties,persecuted and discriminated.The examples shown by great men like MANDELA and MAPONYA are evidences to everyone that "if there's the will,there must be a way."

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has opened the largest shopping centre in southern Africa in Soweto.

The Maponya Mall marks a transformation for the Johannesburg township, once an impoverished centre in the struggle against apartheid. CLICK THE LINK BELLOW FOR EXCERPTS;

Nelson Mandela returns to open huge mall - Times Online


  1. I like yr blog! Very interesting.. I knew it coz u wrote on mine yesterday.. thk.. In october I want to write on Sankara, you know him? I'm searching for some material.
    PS: I'm a girl, not a guy :-)

  2. thanks a lot and sorry for the "guy" issue.It's a good idea,Sankara is one of my role models.I'll send you some material about this great man later this week.Have a nice day and peace!


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