20 September 2007

Ya Ma'Afrika (TV-DRAMA)-NEW!!

Whenever i come across these beautiful things from Africa or her diaspora,i always have palpitations tintillating al over my body.This is "YA MA'AFRICA",a fictional drama show that will be on air shortly on 3A TELESUD and AFROVISION.TV.The cast is not just beautiful but also rich in talent and curriculum.C'est magnifique!
SOUNDVIEW AFRICA brings you the ultimate entertainment with this TV Drama Series that fuses the lives of 4 African women living in New York City.Yetunde (Nigeria), Kui (Kenya), Chipo (Zimbabwe) and Welisane (Cameroon) are housemates from all corners of Africa with different backgrounds.

These women confront issues ranging from relationships to employment and immigration. The show is glamorous with a level of sophistication and at the same time it is raw, and touching on real issues.
For those who can access 3A TELESUD,watch out for the scedule on "MAAFRICA.TV " while the rest can watch it on "AROVISION.TV"(find the link in my top links section).
Follow the link bellow for details of the movie and the cast,buona visione!!!!:-



  1. I love this show. I record the episodes on my DVR every Sunday and Wednesday.

  2. Thanks for your visit and comments,hope you drop your name next time.It's a nice show and i'm happy to share with you!


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