8 October 2007

100 dollars for Alick's school

Hi there to everyone,this is an appeal from a sister blog(http://africashope.blogspot.com) to help this young man from Malawi,Africa.He needs just $100 to forster his education and help his orfan sisters and himself have a life worth living.Yes,it's true there are many out there who need help and what help?Please,stretch out your hands and do something more,let's help Alick go to voccational school!PEACE AND LOVE!

Fowarding this case to my readers well wishers.

I am a Malawian citizen and come from a family of seven children. Our parents passed away. My young brothers are still schooling in primary schools and two completed secondary school education and three just staying at home having nothing to do. Our father was working but all his benefits were finished. I am the only one having acquired skills of driving and posses a malawi school certificate of education. I completed school three years ago but secured no job.

I have been approached by all these youngsters for assistance in one way or the other. I try as much as possible for them not to starve. My future which looked brighter during the presence of our parents is now deem.

Coinciddentary, I have been selected to Mikolongwe college, a vocational training college ,to pursue a course in Tropical Agriculture for one year but I have no funds at present. The whole amount of fees including examinations reaches approximately 100 U$D.I dont want to lose that rare opportunity because after completion I shall be able to work as a field facilitator among disadvantaged people as well.I would suggest if you fill that you can assist then you can pay direct to the school for the sake of transparency.

With full hope that you are going to assist me in one way or the other. I am a responsible person our church and I really believe in God and hence advise you to scan my application in detail if in doubt.

Best regards,

Alick H.Livata,
C/O Mr J.J.H.L.Mbewe,
P.O.BOX 278,
Tel: +265 8365376

Africa's Hope

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