5 October 2007


British guards 'assault and racially abuse' deportees

When i started this blog,i intended to talk about just the positive and always hidden aspects of africa but i later realized that one can't write about africa without touching a lot of shameful issues.
It's rather unfortunate that after all experiences the world has past through in it's history up till date many of us are still unable to learn from the lessons learnt.These modern times,the era of sophisticated technology and social awareness has practically not reached many folks and surprisingly not as a result of lack of means of communication ,education,poverty or whatever barrier one could immagine,but just because of racism.Yes,body colour difference!This is horrible!
England is one of the countries that benefitted(colonial exploitation of human and natural resources) from africa and is still benefitting(post colonial exploitation of human and natural resources) from this continent.What is the compensation?Inhumanity,hypocrisy and other policies that shame britain.It is so sad to see black people beaten and abused just because they had to be reparttriated back to their countries,not haven attained political or humanitarian assylum status.This article openly shows out how security officials treat these people who have to go back to their homes and face further hardship.The question is,why this new wave of racism and propagation of hatred in modern times?It seems we're going backwards instead of the contrary.

Hundreds of failed asylum-seekers deported from the United Kingdom have been beaten and racially abused by British escort teams who are paid to take them back to their home countries,

The scale of the alleged abuse has been uncovered in a joint investigation by The Independent and a group co-ordinating the representation and medical care of failed asylum-seekers.

A dossier of 200 cases, collated by doctors, lawyers, immigration centre visitors and campaign groups over the past two years, has unearthed shocking claims of physical and mental mistreatment of some of the most vulnerable people in our asylum system.

Many of the claims include allegations of physical and sexual assault and racist abuse which took place during the long journey from Britain to their home countries.

One of the cases of alleged abuse is that of Armand Tchuibeu, a Cameroon national who claimed asylum in the United Kingdom in February 2000. His application was refused last year. He was then arrested and prepared for removal.

On 29 January 2007 he was collected from Tinsley House removal centre in East Sussex by four escort officers who drove him to Heathrow to catch a 9pm flight to Cameroon, as pictured on the front page from CCTV footage inside the van.

He claims handcuffs were applied to his right arm. Mr Tchuibeu says he told the guards that there was no need to handcuff him as he had no intention of obstructing his removal. But he alleges that officers started to manhandle him and, while his arms were held, one of the officers punched him in his ribs and on his neck and told him words to the effect "You will go to your fucking country today, we will fucking show you what illegal people deserve in our country". Another officer is alleged to have held his head down so they could apply a leg strap.

Eventually, Mr Tchuibeu convinced the escort officers he had been injured and the deportation was aborted. Mr Tchuibeu was taken to the Hillingdon Hospital where he was examined and treated. His knee was placed in a cylinder cast which he wore for four weeks.Continue reading. .. British guards 'assault and racially abuse' deportees - Independent Online Edition > This Britain

By Robert Verkaik, Law Editor


  1. Duane "Rootz Poet" Francis9 October 2007 at 15:11

    This indeed a sad reminder that these things are very real still. Its sad but too real. Great blog. You really do keep it real!

  2. Unfortunately this is the sad truth my bro!well,thanx ones more for passing around and commenting,peace!


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