13 August 2010

Cameroon/Italy - Palpable Fruits of Economic Ties!

 Conventions have been signed and promises made on how the two countries can partner for their mutual benefits.
As dust settles on a two-day economic prospection visit to Cameroon of an Italian delegation led by the country's Vice Minister of Economic Development, Adolfo Urso, Cameroon is already counting blessings. Not only did the visit give the over 40 Italian business people an opportunity to share ideas with their peers in Cameroon and get abreast with evolutions in their sectors of concern, it also served as a forum for partnership agreements to be signed and promises made on how the two countries could work in synergy for the good of all.
 The visiting delegation during a working session with the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle and his close collaborators, signed an accord to boost wood processing in the country. Speaking during the ceremony, the president of the Italian firm (CATAS) in charge of materialising the accord, Roberto Snavolero, said Italy occupies the first position among wood processing countries worldwide and partnering with Cameroon will boost activities in the sector, create employment and contribute to the socio-economic development here. CATAS, he said, will work towards building the capacities of Cameroonians and ensuring technology transfer. The ceremony also served as an opportunity for Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle to present what the ministry is doing and their aspirations.

In the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Technological Development, Mr Adolfo Urso and his delegation promised investments in the areas of energy and steel. They are planning to build a power plant based on biomasses and a steel plant in Cameroon which will be able to sell its products in the whole region. "These two projects are key to the development of a local industry. Besides supplying electricity, the projects will also supply iron and other commodities which are necessary to the development of a local industry".
P.S. Picture1:Italian Delegation with Mr.Aboubakary Sarki,Minister of livestock,fisheries and animal industries.
Picture2:Mr.Ntube Felix with Mr.Snaidero;President and CEO of CATAS Italia.

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