20 August 2010

Creating a favourable climate for investors

Rwanda has set itself an ambitious goal. By 2020 it aspires to be a 'middle-income' country. To achieve this aim local and foreign investments will be indispensable, as well as flourishing small and medium-sized businesses. Rwanda's government is lending a helping hand by creating a favourable climate for investors.

Various new laws have been introduced to encourage investors. A new investment law, customs law, and a tax law in which the rate for taxable profits has been reduced from 35% to 30%, are just a few examples. All this has earned Rwanda accolades from "Doing business 2006" and an honourable eleventh position on the list of best reformers worldwide. Take a closer look at Rwanda's achievements at:
Investments are protected in various ways by the new investment law. Dividends may be repatriated free of tax, and risks can be insured with international insurance companies. A court of arbitration has been set up to resolve conflicts and a legal time limit has been set for dealing with investors' complaints. In 2004 Rwanda joined the COMESA (Common Market for East and Southern Africa), gaining access to a huge new market. In 2007 it became a member of the EAC (East African Community). 

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