22 February 2011

Uganda to generate power from waste

Kampala, Uganda - a Ugandan company has embarked on a project to generate electricity from garbage.
Rather than hydro electricity generation, Sesam Energetics Ltd, will be recycling solid waste to generate renewable energy through a technology that can convert Uganda's predominantly organic urban solid waste into energy.
Announcing a collaboration agreement with a US based Taylor Biomass Energy LLC to operate a waste to energy Plant in Kampala Uganda, Sesam's Chief executive Director Dr Maalanti Noa, said the project will be replicated in several other African countries.
"Within the next six months Taylor Biomass Energy Uganda will conclude the Power Purchase Agreement, the Waste Management Contract and secure the necessary finances and begin constructing the recycling plant," Maalanti said.
Maalanti said the agreement marks the existence of a new entity Taylor Biomass Energy Uganda that will conclude all the project execution instruments including the Power Purchase Agreement with Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL), and the urban solid waste management contracts.
The proposed project will utilize proprietary Taylor Biomass Energy Technology in an integrated sorting separating recycling and gasification system together with a combined cycle power island to generate 40MW of green electricity.
According to the feasibility studies done by the project promoters, the companies will invest over US$160 million to construct a plant that will recycle almost 1030 tonnes daily of urban Solid Waste from Kampala and the surrounding Wakiso district to generate renewable clean energy for over 35,000 homes.
A senior energy officer, Ministry of Energy, Michael Ahimbisibwe, said the energy sector has gone through a number of reforms. He cited the 1999 Energy Act that allows investors to generate and sell electricity and the Uganda Energy capitalization fund that acts as a source of credit to energy investors.
"Generating energy for waste is still a new area. Before the act, it was UEB, but now everyone can generate and sell electricity," Ahimbisibwe said at Lugala village, 8km from Kampala city where the project is located.
Garbage generation in Kampala is estimated at 1,400 tonnes daily.  However, Kampala City Council (KCC) collects only 600 tonnes, which it dumps at Kitezi landfill north of Kampala.
Sesam Energetics Director Operations, Seith Magambo, said the project will start in 18 months time. He said the company will institute more efficient ways of garbage collection that will cater for the uncollected.
"We need over 1,000 tonnes of garbage everyday to generate electricity. So we can utilise all the garbage generated in Kampala and Wakiso districts,' Magambo said.


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