7 February 2011

WTCA (World Trade Centers Association) board approves 12 Licenses for Mochron Investments Ltd for Sub-Saharan Africa" by WTC Johannesburg President Julius Steyn

One of the most iconic business opportunities in Africa – an opportunity that will be etched in the minds of every nation in Africa is the creation and participation in the global network of World Trade Centers. The Mochron Office for International Trade, that provides services to the World Trade Center Johannesburg and Cape Town, has as its primary objective to increase trade with Africa. To achieve this objective it has applied to the WTCA for 10 additional WTC licenses in Sub Saharan Africa.

As a group with diverse shareholding and operations across Africa, Mochron has developed an initiative to achieve its vision, by combining the most successful multinational brands of; a Hotel Chain (Rezidor ponsored by Norfund), top African banks and trade companies with the global brand of the World Trade Center.

Mochron concretely believes that the value of this combination with the dedicated focus of highly successful business men and women on the African continent will ensure the achievement of this business objective. Furthermore, Mochron trusts that the success of this venture will clearly demonstrate the value of World Trade Centers in an emerging economy when positioned as centers of excellence presenting the best-of-the-best of local business partners and participation.

The licenses owned by Mochron will provide the initial impetus and critical mass to establish the WTC brand as superior and create economic power houses on the African continent. The planned WTC's will not only contribute to the economic drivers of the city where they are established but the combined effort will significantly contribute to the revenue of Africa. Mochron combines the established international brand of the WTC with effective first world trade solutions such as trade data, trade finance, modern trading platforms and integrated official relationships to increase trade efficiencies with Africa. The company is invested in:

WTC Gaborone
WTC Kinshasa
WTC Nairobi
WTC Maputo
WTC Antananarivo
WTC Windhoek
Republic of Djibouti:
WTC Djibouti
WTC Kigali
South Africa:
WTC Cape Town and Johannesburg
WTC Dar es Salaam
WTC Kampala
WTC Lusaka

The vision that Mochron has for the Sub-Saharan WTC's is that the combined effort of these centers will achieve an increase of 1% of Global Trade with Africa within 5 years which will earn the African continent approximately US$ 70 Billion in annual revenue which equates to more than three times the current foreign aid donations it receives from the G8 and 16% more than Africa requires to alleviate poverty on the continent.

Mochron invites all other WTC's to participate in this vision and to share in the mutual financial benefits that this opportunity may award.

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