25 August 2007


Is the act of giving good or baneful? Is it the act itself or the ideas behind it, the dependance it breeds? What about all the aid Africa is receiving from outside? Does it do more harm or good? Hold that thought.

You've seen Hotel Rwanda, Catch A Fire, Blood Diamond....and another African movie similar to these three is out. It's called BAMAKO and addresses just the issue of how responsible the WTO and IMF are responsible for Africa's economic quagmire... click on hypertext and check it out.(by african rainaisance)


  1. Who is the young lady in the picture?

    I took a class in college called the Political Economy of Africa. We learned how the system that the IMF and WTO installed is setup to benefit foriegn investors and multinationals; not the people of the African Countries.

    Africa is going to have to develope it's on material base and stop taking foriegn investment that only builds infrastructure for it's own purposes at the expense of the people.

  2. Hi yobachi,thanks for passing by and your interest in african issues.The young lady here is "Melé",one of the main characters of SISSAKO's new movie "BAMAKO"(find it).
    You see,it's not easy to fight the lion,that's why it's the king of the forest.(in this case,the west).Read excepts of the director's interview to have a glimpse of what i mean;it's going to be a long fight for africans themselves and people of goodwill....Excepts:

    The real question is this: no court of law exists to call into question the power of the strongest. It wasn't so much a question of laying the blame on who is guilty than denouncing the fact that the predicament of hundreds of millions of people is the result of policies that have been decided outside their universe.

    You find this idea in a statement given by Aminata Traoré, one of the witnesses, who refuses to accept that poverty is the main feature of Africa: no, she says, Africa is rather a victim of its wealth!

    So, in this way, I wanted to offer another image of my continent, one different from war and famine. This is where an artist's creativity comes in, not to change the world, but to make the impossible realistic, like these proceedings against international financial institutions.
    Faced with the seriousness of the situation in Africa, I felt a kind of urgency to bring up the hypocrisy of the North towards the Southern countries.
    Have a nice day and come back soon!

  3. Hi there - Fasy also writes about this film, do you know about her blogs?

    Would love to see the film.

  4. Hey,who's fassy?i'll read her blog now and contact her.thanks again


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