17 August 2007


Hello felix,please post our infos in your blog,stay well and peace to all,sarah ebong,coordinator Mustard seed charity center,kumba Cameroon.

In conformity with law No 90-53 of 19th December 1990 relating to freedom of Associations in the Republic of Cameroon, Mustard Seed Charity Centre was born on the 14th of March 2007. The Common Initiative Group is based in Kumba and it is a Christian faith based association. It carries out its activities throughout Cameroon and beyond. Our goal is geared towards eliminating poverty and injustice by strengthening spiritual values and supporting innovative and creative initiatives for sustainable development. Our contact address is:

Mustard Seed Charity Centre (C.I.G)
P.O. Box 455
Kumba – Meme Division
S.west Province,Cameroon.
Account n°:0551016780011D
Bank:CCC(community Credit Company P.l.c)
E-mail: mustardseedcharitycentre@yahoo.com
Logo: A Budding Seed

In its maiden activities, the Common Initiative Group (C.I.G) seeks to set up a Day Care Centre in Kumba. By so doing, we will be providing services to the community which enhances development in the society. The Day Care will generate income to sustain it's activities as well as provide job opportunities for many in and around Kumba as time goes by. The CIG and the community will both benefit from this project,likewise the other projects in our basket.

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