23 March 2011

Africa Green Investment Gateway Conference.

Corporate Africa, London, and ICCouncil, New York, are the organizers of the Africa Green Investment Gateway Conference. More than 1000 delegates from government and business are expected to attend the event.

14 – 16 September 2011
UN Building, New York, USA

Africa Supplies
Africa supplies 40 per cent of the world's natural resources and accounts for less than 3 per cent of carbon emission. All nations on their path to achieving economic growth and dominance have and continue to include Africa in their wealth building equations.

Hence, Africa the world's supplier is ripe to become the focus and target for global investments, towards value adding green technology and projects to exploit natural resources, leading onto an era of sustainable development investments, with balance between human ecology and the natural environment, and the needs of societies and investors.

Having identified the gap in the value chain to be bridged to create a virtuous cycle of reinvestment between African countries and international investors using the bottom up approach (the needs of the people), Corporate Africa and ICCouncil deem the moment appropriate for the first Africa Green Investment Gateway Conference.

An interactive platform hosted by the private sector at the centre of the global economy, New York, provides the stage for the first showing of the Africa Green Investment Gateway Conference. Teams of international experts, investors, and consultants will engage high level government officials, technocrats, Africa’s private sector, and regional and global developmental stakeholders regarding African nations working collectively, and systematically, in collaboration with investors to (a) exploit international climate change financial resources and channel them into Green investments launching an era of sustainable development investments across African industrial infrastructure (b) to turn the region into a top energy research hub for Green sustainable development investments for local and export markets to help them meet national and regional climate change mitigation targets  (c) to define policies and incentives to spur innovation into Green investments and lure investors with the right mix of green technologies, which can transform traditional infrastructure industries like building and construction into Green havens that harness the environment to meet the energy and sanitation needs of people and their economies.

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