25 March 2011

Cameroonian-born Victor Anjeh, Legal Consultant at the U.S. based Nano Ventures Group,propels an International trade delegation from the U.S,Canada and India recently in Cameroon for a FCFA10billion Investment opportunity.

Cameroonian born Victor Anjeh, a chief promoter of Diaspora investments and financing initiatives for African development and also a specialist in Market entry strategies, Negotiation, Outsourcing strategies, branding and corporate communications, and creative staffing solutions that blend local talent with a mix of expatriate input to fill the gaps in local skills;recently propelled the"Friends of Platinum Building Technology Cameroon", FPBTC to lay the ground works for a FCFA10billion investment with the University Institute of the Diocese of Buea,UIDB.
The Chancellor of the University Institute of the Diocese of Buea, UIDB, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu and  officials of FPBTC,comprising an international trade delegation from the USA, Canada and India, recently held a business baquet at the Buea Chariot Hotel after the investors had met the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Philemon Yang, the Ministries of Energy and Higher Education to explain their vision. 

Cameroonian-born Victor Anjeh, Legal Consultant at the U.S. based Nano Ventures Group, said it is time to move minds and make Cameroon a knowledge-based economy. This, to him, can only be achieved through those who can think outside of the box. He invited UIDB to be prepared for value proposition, which is making the institution different from other Universities by their ability to acquire the transfer of technology.  Anjeh challenged Cameroonians and the investors to make a difference.
During the discussions, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FPBTC, Rev. Fr. George Nkeze, said his association is out to translate into reality a vision formulated by the Chancellor of UIDB, namely, create University students, who are job creators and not job seekers. "We wish to emphasise in the Cameroonian society the spirit of entrepreneurial development. We are out to introduce a structure whereby our students will be in school and, simultaneously, get the industrial and research skills before they graduate."
According to Fr. Nkeze, they wish to begin this new approach at UIDB with the introduction of new trends in the housing and solar technologies. "The platinum building technology is our first step. Housing is a critical step in growth. This will be followed by solar energy. A student who has a good house, made in a simple model- air-conditioned, enough power, internet-connected, studies well, then, there is room for good thinking. And, by the time our students graduate, they have picked up those skills, which will enable them manufacture their own solar energy and housing systems," he explained.
Bishop Bushu defined the partnership between the trade delegation and UIDB as that of sowing a seed, adding that their coming is a blessing to Cameroon, since their ultimate objective is to make Cameroonians happy.
Furthermore, the Prelate said the investors and Cameroonians will be working for the benefit of Cameroon, which is part of managing God's wealth in the world in His name. "The basic thing is to give tertiary education to some young people, who could not obtain it in some of our State Universities because of inadequate space. With the quality we are introducing, our graduates should be able to fend for themselves after school, instead of waiting - as they generally do now - for the State to give them employment," he said.
Speaking on behalf of Genesis Production Services, Barry Keith Webb said they are bringing to Cameroon an American building and construction company, which has been involved in the sector for ten years. He insisted that their operations speak for themselves, adding that they are ten times stronger than any of their competitors. "Our products are relevant for tropical climates like that of Cameroon," he said.The Head of the Indian delegation, Kunal Chandra, a specialist in solar energy, said energy is a necessity for growth in Cameroon. Chandra reassured participants that they will not be offering Cameroon substandard technology, indicating that they have garnered enormous experiences in the field after successful operations in Japan, USA, Europe and other parts of the world.
Chandra said their company, Twincity Sunlife, will transfer knowledge in UIDB as well as encourage income generation through their operations in Cameroon. "Our technology is not only new but cutting edge. We are not coming to Cameroon to tell you what you need, but for Cameroonians to tell us what they need," he said. The Indian investor said their coming to Cameroon would provide them an opportunity "to add value to Cameroon's economy and make solar power a great solution. The students of UIDB must understand the concept of solar energy," he said.


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  4. Thanks for your contributions and help.We need positive development in Africa and not dealers.


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